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    Hello! New Hvac Apprentice here

    My name is Chris and I think these forums are great!

    Anyway, I have recently made a major career change. For the last 18 years I have been an IT professional. I had worked for one telecom company for 10 years before they went belly up and we all got laid off, then I worked for Verizon and after 6 years with them I got as well as several others in my division got the dreaded RIF. Finally, I got with a small start software company and after a year my hours got cut in half. In all that time, I was a totally loyal and what I like to think of as a solid employee. However, it seems that in the computer industry. Companies do not care about anything but the bottom line and if you are not absolutely necessary at any given point, your head is on the chopping block.

    What is interesting is that I have a family friend that has a small heating and air company and whenever I would run into these gaps in employment, he was always the first to offer me work and of course I would take him up on it. So for once, I did the unthinkable in my mind. I fired my employer that cut my hours! I now work for my friend full time and am not looking back. The one thing he told me that gave me peace of mind. "People will always need Heat and Air conditioning, so you will never be out of work if you work hard."

    I have been working for them now full time for about two months and have already knocked out about 500 hours. I am still pretty much a pack mule for him. He's the Journeyman and his father-in-law is the Contractor, so I am either working for one other the other on a daily basis. They both tell me that they will raise my wages once I get my JM's license. Right now my base pay is 10/hr then 15/hr ot.

    I am kind of curious what a green JM should expect to be paid in Oklahoma?

    I have also read some conflicting documentation on requirements to be able to apply for the Journeyman's test?

    Here is what I have read -
    Must have 3 yrs under a licensed contractor
    OR - Associates degree or an approved technical school in relevant field plus 1 year under a licensed contractor

    I have two associates degree's, one in Applied Science and the other in just Science. Basically the same degree, just 2 extra classes got me the other one.

    My question is this - Having the associates degree's, would I only need to do one year under the contractor before I would be approved to take the JM's test?

    Anyway, that's my story and a my couple questions. Nice to meet you all and take care.


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    welcome, there are members here from OK.

    might want to:

    1- re-read that banner at the top (red letters)

    2- put your ? in general or job discussion

    this is the place the best hang out at
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    Welcome to the group!
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