Hal-la-luyaaa. Just got an email from the Manufacture Tech that supports my side about not having to pay for the service work that did Not fix the problem. He did not say he is covering all that service work, but rather he went into detail about the numbers from the field service report Not indicating a bad expansion valve.

He went on to say the Distributor Tech Support man had asked to have the "freeze test" preformed several times. The Installer Tech told me he had done the freeze test but that he only waited 10 or 15 minutes, and thought all 4 sections of the evap coil seemed to be the same coldness, to him. The difference here is, when the Manufacture Tech and Distributor Tech did this freeze test, the waited about 20 to 25 minutes, and it was obvious at that time 2 coils were iced over, and 2 coils were not. At 30 minutes and longer, this condition became more and more obvious. The Installer Tech made the comment he must not have waited long enough. To bad I did not have a hidden bug tape recorder, huh?

So anyways, like all the other times, it has now been 2-weeks since the Manufacture Tech looked at my Rheem package unit, and still no evap coil in sight. The Manufacture Tech said in his email that he has sent a message to the Distributor Tech to ask why it is taken so long to get the coil to the Installer.

When I called the Distributor Tech (this being the only phone number given to me when I asked how I could contact them) last Thurs to ask about me paying for service work that did not fix the problem, he told me that I had a bad expansion valve! Say what? When I pointed out changing it did not fix it, he cut the conversation short and said he'd call the Manufacture Tech and have him talk to me. Form this email just now, it seems obvious the two have not talked to each other, yet.

At least the Manufacture Tech seems to be on my side and wants to get everything fixed at no cost to me. Hal-la-luyaaa