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    I have two zones on my Burnham forced hot water boiler. It turns out that the zone 2 thermostat is poorly placed and the zone 1 thermostat could be adequate for the whole house. Is there an easy way to run both zones from the same thermostat? Is that what Zone 1 priority means?

    Hope this isn't too DIY and thanks for your help.


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    You could just wire the 2nd zone circulator or zone value to the other zones so it would turn on/off at the same time.

    Beter yet, I'd just relocate the other thermostat. Nice to be able to lower bedrooms during the day, liviing room/kitchen during the night when each gets little use. (If the piping is zoned that way of course)

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    Yes there is a very simple way but unfortunately It am not allowed to tell you. I would violate the rules I believe...Sorry

    P.S. To answer your second that is not what Priority means. Zone 1 Priority means that you when zone 1 calls for heat (usualley domestic hot water) you do not allow the other zones to come on until zone 1 is satisfied.

    Dave in NJ

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