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    Temperature sensor compatible with Temco Tstat5 series controllers


    Doing an install of Temco Tstat5 series controllers. It may be simpler for us to just run wiring for a remote temp sensor instead of the entire unit.

    Had a Honeywell C7189U on hand, but couldn't get it to calibrate with the Tstat. It looks like they expect a linear response and the Honeywell has a bit of a curve in readings and only seems compatible with their thermostats.

    Any recommendations? I saw that Temco had some on their site, but we'd be paying $25 in shipping for a $2 part.

    Appreciate any experience with remote sensors and wire length to the Tstats.

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    A C I ( A/3K ) series thermistor works with the Tstat5

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    Thanks for the quick replay. I was able to find material on the A/3K and looked at its response curve (which is not linear also). We've always used the tstats with their built in thermistor -- in their register set I only see one register for "external calibration" -- so not really sure how it corrects a curve?

    I'm not a whiz on thermistors -- is there some type of standard curve certain models use?

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