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    brushless or not

    I'm ready to replace my giant electric furnace with a high efficency gas and I really want to make the right decision.
    According to everything I've researched so far its all about the installer and not so much the maunfacturer.

    One fellow says the lennox 94% is good enough, no need for a brushless, as replacement parts are more expensive and his price is quite reasonable.

    Another guy says get the Bryant dc brushless, the govt. rebate will offset the
    intial expense, plus the savings in energy costs overtime will cover expensive part replacement. (assuming these expenses are after warrenty expires) Plus I'd have to pay for an energy audit.

    Both companies are small town locals and I have no idea which has the better rep. Thank-you very much to anybody who offers an opinion

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    I would go with a furnace with a ECM motor for sure also would want 2 stage heat for added comfort . I would also want it to match the heating load that was calculated using a manual j load calculation , you do not want a oversized furnace

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    Before you make a mistake, have the company of your choice perform a static pressure test on the duct system. This should be done with a new filter in place and the supply static should be measured before any AC coil for the calculation and again after the AC coil to be sure the coil itself is clean. If the static pressure is over .8 TESP then you'll need some duct modifications before I'd recommend an ECM motor.

    The ECM motor or better yet a variable speed motor can save significantly each year in electrical use but if the static is high in the duct system, the ECM/VS motor will spank you soundly with high electric bills. So they're a great motor for both comfort and efficiency when installed in reasonably well designed duct system.

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