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    My dispatcher put me in touch with a customer so she could scold me. No, I'm not kidding. Let me explain the story though. Actually this happened a while ago, last summer to be exact. But you know how sometimes it takes a while to realize that something bugged you. I'm a real busy guy, anyways, I just realized that this bugged me.

    First off a little background information. We are a flat rate company. Strictly up front pricing. Either approval in writing or verbally. But approval before any tasks are performed.

    Last summer late in the day, the dispatcher beeps my nextel. Gives me the information for my next call. It was a rental and the landlord had called for "no cooling". It was a duplex, two units.

    Anyway, dispatcher informs me that customer "may also be interested in having me check other AC while I am there". But customer was informed "that technician will look at the other AC, determine a price for maintenance/inspection, and contact YOU (the owner) for approval to go ahead"

    So I go out and solve the problem, popped fuse in disconnect and bad cooling contactor.

    The other unit (right next to it) appears to be cooling fine. I could see the suction line sweating and tested the temp and it was about the same as the one I was working on. Was pushing about 17 degree delta-t across coil. So I figured OK, 90 bucks to clean and check it out. Tried to call the landlord twice and get approval, couldn't get anything but a voicemail, left a very detailed and professional message explaining "that I did a quick inspection of the AC, it appears to be running fine, I would be happy to do the maintenance on it, it would be 90 dollars, however I just need approval to go ahead, and that I would be in the area for about the next ten minutes if she gets this message, but if not, next time we are this way we can stop in and do it w/ no service charge". I think this was pretty professional. Right?

    About two weeks later, yes, two weeks later. In the morning, my dispatcher says "ryan, call on line 1"


    It's this lady, a local realtor. She starts demeaning me and demanding to know why I didn't do the cleaning. And how I am unprofessional and rude. And it was all a big waste of her time.

    Even through all of this I kept my cool and tried to explain my situation. But there was no reasoning with this woman. So finally I had enough and said "Listen lady, it's my boss's job to reprimand me, not your job, if you have a problem take it up with him, if he has a problem he will take it up with me. Good bye."

    Should dispatchers or office personnel really forward angry customers to technicians so that we can be scolded?

    Does anybody else see the problem with this? Or am I crazy? When I asked my dispatcher what this lady said when she called, he said "she wanted to know why you didn't clean her AC when she told you to?" He was the one that set up the call, he had the answer, he should've dealt with it.

    When the hell did "Customer Complaint Department" become part of my job description?

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    Your right, you should not have to deal with that. Calls like that is what make the owners job fun, wonder why he would pass it on to you. LOL

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    Dispatchers get under my skin too. They all seem like little boss wanna be. Man they make me want to drink......more.
    Saddle Up!

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    Originally posted by trane
    Your right, you should not have to deal with that. Calls like that is what make the owners job fun, wonder why he would pass it on to you. LOL
    Because he is a GIANT DUMBA$$ and doesn't know any better. He is a glorified pizza boy - literally. The boss doesn't hire actual professionals, just dufuses and yes-men to make him feel good and that he can easily browbeat and micromanage. All except for me of course, that's why I am part of the "cancer" in the company. If you have any balls at all, you are part of the "cancer". Nice?

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    I believe it's called passing the buck. Get it here all the time. It's BS, nothing more. In my business I've worked for people who call themselves chief engineers. Only worked for one who could claim that title. He was a former service tech who knew his stuff. Now.....God only knows what my bosses know.

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    This is your managers job. A technician should never get into a dispute with a paying customer, period. I get all of the concerns because that is my job. You should speak to your manager about this and voice your concerns. Word of advise, next time ask her to hold and get your manager and fill him or her in. Let them deal with it.

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    This should never happen! A good dispatcher should protect you from instances such as this, let management handle it, and let you do your job. Management should know about what happened, you need a dispatcher on your side. I would never condone this behavior, but I would suggest to all techs that can afford it to take a vacation day and sit with their dispatcher for one day during the peak season to see what they go through. Some of us are in the trenches with our techs, not taking shots at them. Good luck!

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    I used to carry a voice pager.

    The dispatcher gave my number to an irate customer, that felt she had been wronged by a competitor.
    I was supposed to clean up the mess he'd made.

    I was standing in a crowded elevator, with both hands full, when it went off.

    I wish I could have recorded it to play back to the customer, so they could see how silly it sounded.

    Profanity is never appropriate in business, but sounds particularly bad coming over a pager.

    It made me look bad, my company look bad, and unknown lost business.

    The dispatcher did not see anything wrong with it.

    The "help wanted" ad was in the paper the next morning.

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    Smile what a bummer

    I hate dumb a** dispatcher.They are part of the office
    crowd.With there over the phone unit diagnoses and know
    it all attitude.This is all just part fo an underlying
    problem.I had another technician explain it to me.

    He had ran service for 30 plus years and now retired
    he had seen alot.Ac shops are like the air conditoiners
    they sell.When engineers keep adding a cheap contactor
    from china here then a cheaper coil from mexico there
    thinner cheaper sheet metal when its all done all the
    cheap forieng parts you end up with cheap unit.Basicaly
    90 percent of all units sold in america today regardless of
    brand.Shops are no different they hire untrained office
    folk from likes of wal-mart and Mc donalds trying to
    cut costs.This race for the bottom is what killing our
    trade and many others.
    As for the landlady.
    Landlords are trained to do that.They know if the raise
    enuff he@# thell probaly get a price break.They are notorouis for not paying there bills.I do service for
    two apt complexs on the side as they have screwed everyone
    else around.Its always money up front and they go on two much
    I just leave.

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