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    Return Duct Box - 4"+ Media Filters

    Changing out 14x20 return duct to 20x20" and would like to use the 4"+ media filters instead of 1". Haven't found a source for 4"+ media filter grill box. Manufacturers of filter boxes don't seem to offer this option that I found. Honeywell makes 4"+ filter which is tapered in so you can be used in standard grill box but this presents sole source option for filter media which could be problem.

    Anyone know who is making 20x20 grill boxes that can accept upto 5" filter media?

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    My return 20x20 "filter grills" were in 2x8 ceiling joists. I just bent the tabs back to allow the 4" filter to fit in there. Use wooden blocking if needed to prevent the 4" filter from being "sucked up/in".

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    yellow pages, google etc. find a sheet metal shop local to you. explain what your doing and have them make it up. I had a similar problem and had the local sheet metal shop bend up an extension collar. The original return box was sliced open, with a 1 inch lip left on the top and the collar slid right on, making my return 10 inches deeper. be sure to seal all seams!!!

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