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    Lennox 10HBP42 question

    Hi - recently had my heat pump serviced. Just chatting with the technician I mentioned that my house is always warm in the summer (we keep it at 78 and the master on the first level gets up to about 82-83) and cool in the winter. This unit is servicing approx 4500 sq ft (ranch style with finished walk out) - he stated that on some older Lennox models the calculations were off by Lennox. Is this a correct statement? He got back with me and the ARI ratings show this unit to be 3.17 ton with my coil (C26-41) and not 3.5 ton.

    Thank you!

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    That is the same with all manufactures ,this s the reason that a load calculation needs to be performed and the unit selection needs to match the load, sounds like you need a bigger unit and some duct modifications

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    hook a 3 1/2 ton unit up to a 3 ton coil you can't expect to get 3 1/2 tons worth of cooling out of it.

    depending on coil match that unit could be closer to 4 ton cooling capacity.

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