I have been asked to over see a building that has a Web based Altitude manager and a building full of Circon controllers. 4 floors of VAV-332-XMV controllers 5 AHU controllers And misc for the boilers and chiller.
I have a large number of sensors that are our of calibration I dont know if there is offsets already add or if there is any way to calibrate.
Seems to me that I don't have a very high level password for Altitude as i can see some setpoints, and can adjust Vav setpoints to a degree. I can not adjust min or max or raise or lower room setpoints beyond a certain limit.
AHU I can adjust static pressure SP but cant adjust discharge air temp, I cant stroke dampers or valves. I am told by the local rep that I have the highest password.
Is there software that I need to be able to calibrate sensors , stroke valves and adjust setpoints. If so can i purchase this or is it only for only the local reps?
I am not interested in rewriting programs, but it would be nice to be able to troubleshoot, and make adjustments. Any guidance is greatly appreciated
Thank you