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    Just moved into a home with a Harman central heating wood/coal boiler used as a backup/supplement heating source to a couple of oil fire boilers. After looking at the Harman website and judging from the dimensions, I think I have an SF-260 boiler but can't tell for sure cause there's no identifying marks on it. Not sure it matters, they all probably(?) work the same. I just need to get my hands on an operator's manual for its use...or can anyone help out with this?
    The high cost of fuel oil is killing me, so I need to get this wood/coal boiler up and running.

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    Can't help you with a manual but you should start with getting the chimney and boiler cleaned by a certified chimney sweep.

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    Wll do...thanks!

    I have the contact info to the nearest Harman dealer and they'll probably have both an operator/owner manual and a recommended chimney sweep, but I thought I'd try and get some info from the forum in the mean time. I know how to operate a woodstove, but don't know the ins and outs to a wood fire boiler. For example, other than the safety relief valve, what's to keep the water from over pressurizing/heating?...or is it just a learning curve to knowing the proper air intake adjustment?...or doesn't it get hot enough to over pressurize the system?

    These are probably dumb questions...chalk it up to new home owner ignorance!

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