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    I have a furnace that is at least 20 years old. Heats the upstairs fine. When is a furnace too old and need to be replaced for effeciency purposes?
    My outdoor condensor is a carrier, should by furnace match it our at least be compatible with the tonnage (5ton)?

    Or is the furnace and HVAC game an "if it aint broke, dont bother"?

    Is it worth my money if i plan to build a new home within
    5-6 years?

    Thanks for all of you guys knowledge and advice?


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    20 years old

    I would have it checked to make sure all the safety's and the Heat exchanger and vent are ok. may need some cleaning and a good looking at. The A/c needs to match the air flow for the tonage, 5 tons = 2000 to 1800 cfm's for cooling. Speaking of air flow they need to check the Delta "T" on the heat. newer could get you some savings on the bill's. and alot more comfort on the cooling side, there's a lot of new bells that make them work better.

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    What about the evap coil how old is it?? It really depends on the condition of the unit has it been well maintained 20 yrs is a good time for thinking top replace it but if your gonna move in 5 yrs you have to weigh the savings against your replace ment cost and what if you dont move youve spent all that money that you would have save by putting in a newer furnace and coil if you deside to do the chane get matching equip................

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