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    How to find the right company????

    I am looking for a heating and air company that I can trust. I want someone that will be very detailed and honest in their assesment of my current system. Quality,efficiancy and longevity are my main concerns. I believe that you get what you pay for and dont mind paying a fair price for quality and workmanship. I know that I am a pain to work with. In god I trust, all others bring data. If anyone here is in the Cola area please let me know I would be happy to talk to someone in my area that is proud of their work.
    My question is how do I find the right contractor to work with me. I want someone that can figure out what I need and be able to explain to me why. Is that asking too much? No offense intended at all,but out of the last 5 hvac techs that I have had service my units it didnt seem like they were interested in helping at all. Just add freon and go. I am currently interviewing companies to replace my downstairs unit and after the tech came tonight I think it would help if I had some pre questions for them so we dont waste each others time. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I will say to the credit of the tech that came out tonight that he did tell me that my pump and air handler were mismatched. I dont know if this is true(I have not gotten the #`s off of the air handler yet)but I will be getting them tommorrow. He said the Air handler is 2 ton and the pump is 1 1/2 ton? His quote was for a Rheem 2 ton 16 seer split matched system, but he couldnt really tell me why. I NEED the why!
    I have a 2 story 2400 sq ft house on a 2' crawl, 900 down with 9' ceilings and 1500 up with 8'. It was built in 05 with 1 Heil hhp018akc2 down and 1 Heil hhp024akc2 up. We have never been comfortable downstairs in the summer. We live in central South Carolina(hot and humid)and moving is not an option at this point. ha ha
    I would also like to know what everyone likes to install and why? What would you recommend? Not holding you to it! What in your professional opinion do you need to know and what would you recomend based off of the info provided so far.
    Thanks for reading.

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    You could have asked a few more questions.
    The information you supplied is not anything we can use to say anything.
    There is a contractor map available on the site you could use to see if there is a pro near your location.

    Personal referrals from friends, family and co-workers is another place to start.

    Any competent contractor should be able to explain what you have, what you need and why what he is offering is the good, better or best solution to your problem.

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    One suggestion for an honesty test is to talk about another subject or two about which you are knowledgeable. (It might be cars, dirt bikes, horses, dogs, cooking, wine making, gardening...whatever. If they admit ignorance that is a good sign. If they claim knowledge, test it out.)

    IF they listen more than they talk, that is a good sign, also.

    Good luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lynn comstock View Post
    IF they listen more than they talk, that is a good sign, also.
    That's one of my biggies...ask the homeowner what they like or don't like about the existing system, what are they wanting it to do or not do, etc.

    I also like the suggestion of asking friends, relatives, co-workers, etc. and also you can use the AOP map to find someone from the forums.
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    Think of three of four people you know who possess the qualities you mentioned.

    Ask them which company they have used, and would use again? As about that "detail oriented" aspect, and quality of workmanship.

    then, call the company you choose and say, "my friend xxxx said these good things about you, can you help me too?"
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