On a Trane communicationg system there is not a run cap for the fan cause it's variable speed. The compressor will start first and then the fan starts. Communicating systems are very picky. Put the unit in charge assist mode if you are not positive what superheat it requires (normally ten-twelve). If the system shows complete charge, you know for a fact the system is charged right. I mentioned before about a bad high press cut out but have also replaced a couple of boards. Someone stated that a bad txv could be mistaken for a clogged drier filter. If the system was installed properly, pressure test, vacuumed, etc..the filter should not be clogged so soon, but to test this do a temp reading on both sides of the drier. You can also manually check operation of electronic txv by jumping out the test pins on the unit. As stated before....do yourself a huge favor and read the manuals carefully. With all this new technology that keeps changing...I won't call myself a pro yet...but have had a lot of experience diagnosing this equipment. I install them and service them ALOT....plus have spent many hrs on the phone with Trane reps who can't believe some of the problems I have found.