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    Zoned vs 2 Units - Nashville, TN

    I am in the process of having my first home built and the builder refuses to put in a second unit for the upstairs....

    2001 sqft, 2 floors, vaulted ceiling in living room
    2.5 Ton zoned unit is the standard they are going to put in.

    I live in Nashville, TN where the summers are normally around 90-100 degrees with 50-70% humidity. They are saying that they have better energy saving standards, but they weren't even going to zone the system until I said something and then after arguing with them they gave in.

    Should I continue to fight for the 2nd unit or give in to the 2.5 ton zoned unit.

    If I got 2 units, the first floor would have 2.5 tons and the second floor would have 2 tons

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    2.5 tons for new construction in the middle of the country 2000 sq ft doesn't seem to bad. 4.5 tons seems way out of line.

    Zoning is just fine IF the ductwork to upstairs is sufficient. Too many new home contractors do a horrible job of designing the ductwork and zoning or not, you will have problems upstairs.

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    I know for a fact that the duct work will be in the attic... don't know if that makes a difference

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    I agree with B. L. 2.5 tons sounds right for the house, no more. Zoning is sweet. I put a three zone in my house and am very satisfied.

    The duct should be sized accordingly so a by-pass damper can be omitted.

    I like to size the 2nd floor duct larger anyway just to make sure there is no problem getting A/C to the level. Materials are cheap compared to a "call back".

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