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    I don't think that's a short radius ell, I think it's a no radius ell.

    Probably not idea, but long as it's not a long run it'll likely never know the differance.

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    Vents only go 30', chart says 2" good up to 100'. Each run has only 3 90's per so not a problem, even being short radius ells.

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    drip leg

    we had a similar discussion in the shop last week, the inspector will let flex count as a drip leg here, too. Apparently the ribs are supposed to catch any oil etc. I don't care for it and i'll stick with the drip leg myself. good looking job!

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    If the furnace was placed under the ductwork, looks like at least two fittings could have been eliminated- the ell above the transition and the goldberg.

    Those two fittings are worth around 170 feet of duct, certainly worth the little bit of space gained by cramming the unit against the wall.

    I wouldn't be surprised if the unit shut off on limit, and a future coil would probably freeze.

    The throat radius is what matters, not the heel. The "all radius fittings for me" is a bit misplaced.

    Why not mount the filter horizontally?

    It looks good, though.

    I like the owners manual holder. Nice touch.

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