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    Exclamation Bad Install or Legitimate Repair?

    4 months ago, had a new A/C system (handler, condenser, & lines) installed to existing ducts. No issues until recently. With temperatures rising in south FL, the unit would run all day long never lowering temp below 80 (therm set to 78). Install company sends tech out, adds gas, but finds and shows me that the connection to the plenum(return) was too small(not drawing enough air) and they needed to "redo" it. The unit was attached to old plenum opening (19x16), which was 2/3 the size of new unit opening (19x23), but the facing side of the plenum (20x28) is large enough for the new unit opening (just never enlarged at installation, even though installation manual called for larger opening). Looking closer, I noticed leaks (cracks & gaps) at both connections to the return and supply sides of the new unit and notified them. Now they want to charge $$$ me to put in a new plenum, but come out and only make the opening bigger and reseal connections & leaks. After inspecting their work, after they left, I found a leak in "resealed" supply connection. Notified them immediately, and haven't received a return call in over a day. Bad Install or Legitimate Repair?

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    hole size overlooked from what I read..

    You should call and review with the service manager. Was it inspected?
    Just ask when was your appointment scheduled to take care of their
    install error. The oversight may have been two installers and one guy thought
    the other did that part of the job..

    Please report back and tell us the results. Certainly they should fix it..
    Look on your estimate, did it say sheet metal work? new pleninium??
    How was that part of the work listed in your estimate..

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    I've been dealing with the Installation Director/Owner about this issue. The original installation was never inspected nor has anyone called me about inspecting the current repair or fixing the existing leak in "resealed" supply connection. At time of original install there were 2 guys, but one solely worked on the condenser and the other solely worked on the air handler.

    I'm looking for original estimate, but there isn't nor was there a need for a new plenum. Just that the opening called for was larger than existing opening. My ducts are all duct board, so there was no metal work involved. The opening needed to be increased by 7 inches, which a dull blade could have done. I don't see where that would cost a few hundred dollars.

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    i DONT KNOW WHERE YOUR at, but here in Oregon, It has to be inspected
    by the county?? working without permits can be a fine in the thousands of dollars. Certainly that company wouldn't want that to happen!!
    How does your state handle contractors that don't get permits??
    Yes its the homeowners responsibility,but the contractor gets slapped too!!

    Sounds like getting a permit and then showing the inspector It wasnt done
    according to the manual [The manual is GOD mostly]. Does your company have a business license or what?

    I understand all you want is a reasonable job. I cant imagine why the owner
    would want the bad advertising.. gee it could cost them 2 hours of labor...
    Some companies would make the installer do it on THEIR OWN TIME EVEN!!

    Sounds like another 8 AM call huh!! or show up at their office!!
    The squeeky wheel gets the grease!

    Ask him when you can expect their install to fix it?? Next week? they could be swamped right now..

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    Not enough info for instance
    Did you replace same size unit as original?
    Did you have these airflow problems with existing unit?
    If you had problems before, did you tell the sales person about problems?

    Can't tell if you paid for a down and dirty unit replacement and now expect preexisting problems to be fixed with new unit ( it doesn't work that way) and you knew that so now you are just looking for free extra work you didn't pay for and need to pay extra for
    You have got to learn from other people's mistakes! Because God knows you don't live long enough to make them all yourself !!!!!!!!

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    This work did you use the low bidder by chance .

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