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    Question Blodgett oven MT70PH

    dbl stack conv oven, ....bottom unit works fine, top unit tries to start, "BUZZES" and reads "MOTOR" checked all hot air circ motors all running and pulling correct amps, ign inducer runs and centrifical switch makes, fam for cooling blower motors runs fine, as well as conveyor motor. The thing is...if you silence the buzzer the unit fires then throws a senser fault. Blodgett has subbed the tech support to Middleby Marshall and the 2 guys I talked with were lost, one didnt know they were doing support for it! Wirng diagrams, sequence of operation, thoughts, experience etc. would be helpful. These were Pizza hut ovens when new.... Thanks Jim

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    Did You try replacing buzzer..?

    I've ran into problems when PC control will do funny things when ANY component reads out of resistance range that board recognizes..

    Hopefully that helps.../

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