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    so... how much refrigerant did the tech have to recover?

    also, may want to get the charge rechecked before cooling season, more than likely it will be undercharged. then again next fall prior to heating season, as it will be overcharged again.

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    Staying in defrost mode too long is another possibility, easy to miss if the tech doesnt run the system through a defrost cycle, possibly a bad or poorly mounted sensor, or some Rheem systems use a thermistor type defrost sensor with a field selectible termination temperature, if it is set too high it can cause the HP switch to trip

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    We see this problem with Rheem/Rhuud units all the time, even when outdoor temps are high enough that the units should not be going into defrost. Have thouroughly tested several units and could find no reason for this. It seems to occur mostly during the fall & spring, when an HO may be going from heat ( in morming ) to cool (in afternoon).
    Would love someone to be able to explain why!!!


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