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    I have a heat pump that ocasionally requires the high pressure switch to be reset. This has occured about 4 times in the past 2 months. The system was recharged with freon an a new valve installed. Any ideas as to what causes this?

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    If this occurs in A/C you may have plugged outdoor coil. In heat it could be a dirty filter or indoor coil. If none of these it could be a bad pressure switch or other sealed system issue. Have the tech return.
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    Thanks for your professional advice.
    Have a great day.

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    I second the dirty coil or filter theory, also are you restricting any of the registers or return air grills. Make sure the returns are clear of obstructions. (couches etc...)
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    Could be overcharged too.


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    The service tech did tell me that he put more freon in than was needed. It seems to me that the switch had to be reset only once before he came out.

    Thanks for your comments.

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    Did you ask him why? An over charged system does less useful work and costs more in energy to operate. So, in essence, you pay more and get less.


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    He was suspecting there may have been a leak somewhere but did not have a detection tool with him. So he told me he put extra in to compensate. I most likely will not be using his services again.

    Thanks for your comments.

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    Originally posted by noxvultom
    I most likely will not be using his services again.
    Smart move!

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    have your evaporator cleaned and check fan speed, return air size and filter. if your have an electrostatic filter pull it out and go get a pleated filter.
    also could have an outdoor metering devise or drier restricted and system overcharged. a

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    is it by any chance a rheem/ruud?

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    Originally posted by billva
    is it by any chance a rheem/ruud?

    Just what I was going to ask.


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    Yes, this unit is a Rheem. Thanks for all of your posts.
    I am getting an education here. A service person will be out to check the unit this afternoon.

    We only had emergency heat last night since the high pressure switch would not engage...thus the compressor did not operate.

    Clean filters are in place.

    Any other suggestions/thoughts?

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