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    inside/outside components incompatible - what now?

    Funny how yesterday I knew nothing about HVAC and today I have learned so much. . . . What I'm pretty sure I've got now is -

    1. a Carrier unit model CNRVP3617ATAABAA inside that uses R-22 refrigerant with a metering device = TXV -- installed new in Oct 2008.

    2. a Payne outside unit PA13NA0360000ACAA that uses R410a refrigerant installed new by the same guy in April 2011 (4 months ago)

    3. my installer with a disconnected phone, a hot house, and another service company telling me that "my pressures are bad" and they can replace the TX valve & make it work

    -- just want to doublecheck that I have some sort of grip before I proceed

    - I assume any warranty I might have had from the manufacturers is probably shot because these 2 units seem incompatible

    - Can the Carrier unit just get a new valve and then be okay w/ R410a & compatible with the outside? Or am I setting myself up for anything down the line?

    Thanks so much. This is a great forum.

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    Are you sure

    they didn't replace the TXV when they install the new outdoor unit? Could be they did, but now that TXV is bad. Did the system ever cool when the new outdoor unit was installed?

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    I've heard some techs have had luck flushing the linset and indoor coil, changing the TXV to the one the Payne unit specs, following ALL standard & proper installation procedures, including proper charging methods and have success.

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    the system did work for a couple months -- june and most of july. would it not have worked at all if he didn't change the valve?

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    I guess some other info about how it stopped working might be useful. I had one service call last week when it first stopped working. I had changed a very clogged filter, but the tech said I had an air restirction and it had frozen up. After new filter & time to thaw & cleaning, it worked fine for a few more days. Then, same thing -- air coming out of vents seems cold, but barely blows at all. After I turn the unit off, a bunch of water on the floor in the basement, then it'll run cold for a couple hours, but we never really get anywhere temperature-wise.

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    Are you sure you don't have a plugged indoor coil? If you have a new filter and air getting cold air but its not blowing hard that is a restriction in your ductwork and could be causing your coil to freeze. If your filter was plugged chances are some of that dust pulled through to your indoor coil. Have the service tech use a See Snake or cut into the indoor coil to inspect it.

    This is just another example of why I don't install coils for customers looking to add AC two years later, systems and components change and IMO it is only right to add/change a coil at time of AC install unless it will be impossible down the road.

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    You may

    want to get a second opinion on this. "pressures are bad" can be caused by a number of reasons, poor air flow being one of them. I seriously doubt the system would have worked at all with a R-22 valve in place although stranger things have happened. Maybe the service tech had "tunnel vision" when he looked at the system and assumed the valve was not changed.

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    thanks everyone. incredibly helpful. I am going to get a second opinion.

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