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    Brock vs Lennox vs Armstrong

    Hi! I'm new here. From Montreal Canada. Frenchspeaking, so excuse my english. Hope I'm in the good section.

    Find your site and need some pros advice.

    Currently need to replace an old Esso oil furnace. The current installation is 40 years old... I have a 1000 square feet house, with an oil furnance and a thermopump (?) (20 years old). (bi-energy) Do not want to change the complete system only the oil furnace.

    Doing business with some locals contractors. All price seems to be good and fair. The only thing is that they submit price with furnace that I just don't know the difference between.

    They propose me theses one:

    Brock CCC 59000 BTU - 98000 BTU with Riello burner
    Amit-105 70 000 BTU - 105 000 BTU with Riello burner
    Armstrong LBR80C95D 16-95 000 BTU
    Lennox OF23Q 3/4 105/120 105 000 BTU

    ? witch model choose?

    Witch model is better for economy , maintenance cost, reability and noise issue.

    Thanks a lot for you help.


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    Armstrong & Lennox are the same thing essentially, maybe control difference. Never heard of the other 2, must be something only up your way. Seem like huge furnaces for such a little house.

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    Did Armstrong/Lennox are good quality? or normal?

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