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    Right Angle Air Cleaner

    Hi guys, I'm planning on having a right angle air cleaner installed and wanted your opinions. The ones I'm looking at are the Trion Air Bear and GeneralAire MAC-L. The Air Bear says it acts like a turning vane, so I'm guessing the MAC-L is the same? From what I gather, the MAC-L claims 0.14" w.c. @ 1400 CFM, while the Air Bear states 0.24" w.c. @ 1400 CFM. Or is there another right angle out there that's better? Space is very limited, which is why I'm looking at right angle cleaners. Thanks.

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    The right angle cleaners are great. You can use a 20x25 media where if you use a conventional cleaner beside the furnace the biggest is a 16x25.

    If the General is less restrictive, that's quite a plus. Always use the factory media though. We found that generic 20x25s can be twice as restrictive as genuine Trion. We've put a couple of Generals in but never tested their pressure drop. General is a good company, based in suburban Detroit.

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