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    question about whole house filters

    question regarding whole house air cleaners (example..april aire space guard) . Do these have to install right next to the air handler? Mine is in the attic, so I didnt know if these things will survive attic temps of Texas. Where my 20x25x1 return is in the hall ceiling, besides the frame, there is another maybe 6" or 7" of recess before the flex return starts. Can I use this space for installing some sort of whole house air cleaner? I know it depends on the unit used and some mods may have to be done. I just wanted to know if anyone has seen anything like this done before. This would be ideal so I wouldnt have to get in the attic to change filters etc... assuming these electronic filters can handle the extreme attic temp. Any suggestions? I was about to buy a couple of the Austin room air cleaners, but thought the whole house would be smarter since the Austin cleaner are some pricey little units.

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    1st...a properly ventilated attic should only be about 10 degrees warmer than out side air...

    but assuming you have enough return air, it shouldnt be a problem

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    Your 20 x 25 return grille is (only) good for about 1,000 cfm of airflow according to the manufacture.

    It will depend on the size of the A/C or H/P. I think you might want to add another grille to increase the overall efficiency and performance of the system.

    Have someone with some knowledge have a look.

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    The Aprilaire model 2250 will mount in a ceiling.

    You don't have to worry about attic temps hurting an air cleaner.

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