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I hope you have not done that yet!

Did you know that according to 3rd party research 95% of all resperatory illness is directly caused by the air you breath in your home!!

Also spray foam insulation is the best as far as an energy stand point and my company does a ton of it. However it does take 6+ months to OFF GAS!

As far as filtration is concerned. The ONLY 100% filtration on the market today is THE PERFECT 16 by IQ AIR. And they also make chemical filtration to remove any off gassing.

And finally fresh air is super important. You can control fresh air through a ERV or a IQ.AIR portable filter tide in with the duct system, so that it super filters all of the outside polutants as well.
We have helped tons of clients in the GA., TN. AND AL. Areas get off of there meds with these systems.
Most building materials containing pollutants are never totally done "off gasing", but only slowly decline. Typical homes with usual amounts of pollutants never reach the point of "no" pollutants. The best built homes need a fresh air change every 4-5 hours. Most of the materials we use to furnish along with our activities also contribute to the pollutants in our homes. Fresh air purges the pollutants avoiding accumulation and renews the oxygen consumed by the occupants. ERVs/HRVS/exhaust fans/fresh make-up fans/ventilating dehumidifiers/etc, if properly designed are all adequate devices to provide fresh air.
Air filters are able to remove certain pollutants from the air but are not a substitute for fresh air ventilation. Many pollutants are gasous and are not removed by particulate filters. Many gasous pollutants can be removed by using activated charcoal/potasium premangenate filters but must be replace periodically.
The majority of the particulate entering the home settles to the horizontal surfaces of the home before being picked up by any filter. The most effective benefit of air filtering is to protect the equipment conditioning the home.
All homes need a specific amont of fresh air ventilation when occupied. During cold windy weather most homes get enough fresh air. During calm warm weather, most home get little fresh air. As contractors and home occupants we need systems that will provide the amount of clean filtered fresh air blended and circulated throughout the home when occupied. Filtering could include the most extreme depending on the occupants needs. In addition maintain <50%RH throughout the space.
A ventilating whole house dehumidifier is one of the methods of doing this. Filtering levels can be custom designed to meet the needs of occupants. Using fresh make-up air ventilation has the added benefit of reducing infiltration of unfiltered air into the home. Also colthes driers, kitchen exhaust and bath fan need make-up air to function.
Fresh air and keep it dry are the basics. Then you can filter to your heart's content.
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