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Thread: txv problems

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    txv problems

    so do txvs go bad after sometime. i had a service call on a 410a carrier system. suction pressure was low 60 psig. discharge pressure was 235 psig. I let the home owner know her txv was bad and changed it out ran the system in cooling and the ac was cooling.

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    Its a mechanical device with moving parts in it. Yes they can go bad

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    pressures sound low... did you leak check?

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    The house is a track home 5 years old I checked the welds and found no oil staining so I don't think they were leaks

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    once you replaced the txv, what was the subcooling? both pressures were pretty low for 410a

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    Subcooling was 11 degrees and suction pressure was 165 and discharge pressure was 265

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    Still seems strange. Head pressure seems low. With a suction that high you'd expect to see mid eightees inside. So I'm assuming it was hot out. Is the condenser shaded?

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