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Thread: New Coil Woes.

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    New Coil Woes.

    This is my first time on this forum!
    I have a question that google couldn't answer for me, so maybe you all can help me out.

    I live in a really old building in chicago, and we've been having so much trouble with our A/C this summer. I will break this down as short and sweet as possible.

    Our air wasn't working, the unit was working 24/7 to try and cool down the apartment. A guy came by to fix it, and we felt no difference.
    The landlord came over, felt that it wasn't cooled down in our unit and went with his 'guy' to check out what the problem was.
    Apparently it was the A/C coils in the furnace that were dirty.
    Ok, so they either cleaned them, or replaced it... but now it smells like strange chemicals in the apartment.
    Is that normal?

    I'd also like to mention, the floor in the basement has been completely ripped up to install something so that the basement wouldn't flood anymore (because that happened too) So, perhaps it's the concrete mix I'm smelling. (But I really don't think so because I can smell the smell in the vents.)
    So it may be either 'new coil smell' (does that exist?) or the chemicals they used to clean the coils.

    ALSO, before when it was dirty, hardly any air came from the furthest vent from the furnace, and now it's really strong! Did they super charge the furnace or something? Or is that just what new coils are capable of?

    Anyway, thanks so much for taking the time to read my questions/thoughts/vomit any answers are appreciated!

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    is the unit cooling properly now. the smell should go away after a few days

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    the unit is cooling properly now. any idea what i'm smelling?

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    I use a coil cleaner that has a new coil smell. Well it says it will smell fresh, but we all know it will be a chemical deodorizer. After spraying it on I run the fan in the on position for a while until the smell is gone.

    Sounds like its taking a bit longer to go away, but the more you run the A/C the more water you will condense out of the air, and that will wash away all the spray they used.

    The a-coil be plugged up will restrict the air flow and your now feeling the air flow as it should be.

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