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    Rheem and Ruud are the excact same units, they come off the same assymbly line. The only differance is the stickers they get.
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    Sounds like an overcharge. It is easy to do on this combination, especially from the sounds of the original contractor.

    Recover some gas and see if the pressure drops. Sometimes these units have to operate for 20 minutes or more to stabilize and see the pressure increase, some techs won't wait when doing a start up.

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    without the static collar previously mentioned, you will always be overcharged in heat and then undercharged in when cooling season rolls around you will need to re-add refrigerant that you are now removing in the heat mode.

    it's a vicious cycle that can be repaired, get the airflow of the system.

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    billva, with all due respect that may be the right thing it may not. Until someone reads the actual airflow, there's no sense in guessing.

    Did I say read the actual airflow? Gasp.

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    Frown WRONG LINE DRIER!!!!!

    I went to check the unit out today and guess what I found on for a line drier???? A STRAIGHT COOL drier.... We took it off and what a surprising thing.... It was working like a charm.... Not to say that the freon was over charged just a bit but I guess they either did not know what to use as a drier or just plain dumb.... Like I said, I did not go out there until today so I was just going on what he said... FYI there is not static collar on it and it works fine... I did not check the air flow ( lack of tools going out) when I saw it did not have a bi-flow filter on it single direction instead I wanted to pop him in the head... SO that is one for the record to check for what type of line drier is on it if it is a new install....

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