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    Second bad evap coil in 9 months!!??


    I have a 4 year old Comfortmaker 14 Seer A/C system in my home. Last Septemnber, my evap coil went bad after just 3 years! Its was replaced by
    the contractor who did the initial installation. The coil was still under warranty
    but he made me paid labor....should I have paid labor?

    Now, today, ONLY 11 months old, the contractor just left and AGAIN the evap
    coil in leaking and I need another one...after ONLY 11 months! Again, he wants
    to charge me the labor to install! After only 11 months and my coil goes bad
    again, and again I need to pay labor?

    Shouldnt I be covered for BOTH the coil and labor since it only lasted 9 months?


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    Two possibilities...

    1. Leak is not in the coil

    2. Indoor air quality problem
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    It depends

    on each individual companies labor policies. Some only 90 days, others a year, etc. I would call the company to see what there policy is (should be in writing somewhere) and go from there. It may be possible that the manufactrer will kick in a lbor allowance to the installer to help offset cost. This is no different than a warranty on a car or other piece of machinery.

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