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    Harmen PF100 Pellet Furnance suggestion, comments and experince

    Hello All,

    I am looking to install, or have installed a Harmen PF100 Pellet Furnance this fall. My main objective it to lower my heating costs.

    My house is a 1800 sq ft L-Ranch 1 story with an unfinished basement. New windows and doors and appx R27-30 insulation in the attic. The house has a LP water heater, LP rheem furnance 90+% effieciency, LP dryer, LP range and LP fireplace insert. The insert rarely if ever gets used. I have a family of 4 and the house is in western mass.

    We are averaging about 1200 gallons of propane per year. In the heating season, we get filled up almost every 30 days. (2 100gallon tanks, normally 150 gallons + per fill up)

    Our 1st year we paid 1.99 gallon. This past year we paid 2.19 and this season the contract price is up to 2.69. The bill is getting a little hard to swallow.

    I am hoping to get the PF100 and run about 6-7 tons of pellets/ year and cut my heating bill in half.

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    I use a Pinnacle (aka Traeger) PB150 pellet boiler during the winter in place of my oil fired boiler which becomes my backup during the cold months. I use 5-6 tons of pellets per heating season. The one thing I would caution is that there is still a bunch labor involved in cleaning these systems. You really have to keep on top of them especially when it gets cold and you are burning a lot. I have to give my entire system a full cleaning every 2-4 weeks, which takes a good part of a day. On the other hand though, you absolutely can't beat the heat it puts out, my house is mid-70's all winter long and I never have to call the oil man for a delivery. I would say for me that the cost of doing the extra work to keep my pellet boiler running in tip-top shape is more than worth it in the end. Make sure to check out all different brands of furnaces too, I know Pinnacle has a furnace as well. You can find a lot of help over at

    Btw, I now get about 1 oil tank fill-up per year, usually half a tank in late spring and half a tank in the fall. That is ~275 gal. of oil per year versus the 800+ I was using before the pellet boiler.

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