What do we have here, built like a tank and about as heavy as one.

Here's my coworker working inside of this beast tearing it apart from the inside out. We got to the job about 9 AM and had the initial tear out done by 11 or so, not bad. The biggest pain is that every screw holding these damn things together has a backer nut that you have to hold on the backside.

The heat exchanger on this thing is a monstrosity. More about that in a second.

Has anyone else seen these things before? About the size of a refrigerator, good god. It's still in the guys basement, gonna have to cut it up with my cutting torch tomorrow just to get it out of there. Tried with 3 guys today to get it up his steps to no avail.

Another shot of just how large this thing is, I would say about 5 feet tall and if I had to guess 800 lbs or so.

New carrier 2 stage 90 going in in it's place. Bet this guy is gonna love the extra room he is going to have now.

I put in Tranes for a long time but I do think these Carrier units look pretty sharp. And the 90's don't have that dumb front door you have to cut into.

Here is about half the pile of what's left of this old boy. Helper had already loaded up half the debris when I snapped this pic. Has anyone seen this old brand? Says favorite on the heat exchanger, not sure what that means. Oh, btw, this thing was 70 years old, amazing stuff. Sure the carrier won't last that long. Anyways, completion pics to come if not tomorrow then the next day!