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    Question Plastic to Metal Duct?

    Thoughts on changing plastic duct work to metal? Is it better to just go build a new house? Have two stories. I could see maybe the 2nd floor being easier to do, but getting into the first floor would require a lot of sheet rock work. Just a guess unless there is an easy way to do this.

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    The best place to put duct work is in conditioned space. This means within the living space of the house. bulk heads, lowered ceiling, within cabinets, between floors. Anywhere that is cooled or heated. The next best space would be crawl spaces, then attic. Metal or flex becomes a matter of whats easier most of the time. One thing to think of is the insulation of the duct.
    You put the duct on top of the roof you might want R40 you put the duct work in condition space R0 is fine.

    All duct work needs to be sealed real good no matter where its located.

    Not sure if I answered your questions, but looks like your building a house or remodeling one

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