Hello to the Group-

New here - Hope to give more than I get over time.

I'm working on a YCC048A3LOAA-the original design for the YCC. The condenser arrangement has a slab coil with a horizontal mount fan, similar to a window shaker. I replaced the ODFM in it this weekend. The blade rotation indicated that condenser air is drawn through the coil and expelled across the compressor and out. I installed the new motor with existing blade to match the existing setup. On startup, the head pressure started a steady climb and nearly pegged my gauge. Condenser air was so hot that I didn't bother measuring it. I don't doubt that the coil needs cleaned and I plan to do so tomorrow. But I'm questioning the airflow-I can't recall seeing a unit draw air over the coil and through a shroud like that, and the conditions suggest more than just a dirty coil. I've got the blade positioned in the venturi relatively close- the bracket doesn't permit much change there. I found a second unit on the roof, and it is set up the same way.

Does anyone out there have experience with this particular unit? I'll call my local ts tomorrow, but curiousity has the better of me.