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    Climate talk question

    I just installed a Rheem air handler with a 555 communicating thermostat. The customer has an existing boiler and heating coil and wants to prevent the air handler from blowing cold air. The previous system used a aqua-stat and interlocked with the blower coil. The new stat uses a data stream and talks with the heat pump. My boss told me to use the w1 and common terminals for the boiler and circulator. That will not prevent the blower from blowing over a 65 degree hot water coil.
    I can't break the motor feed or control as it causes a fault on the stat.
    Rheem hasn't responded to my email in a week.
    Does anyone have any idea how to interface with this climate talk?

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    Use another stat to maintain boiler temp

    Just keep the temperature above 80 in the winter. Then it won't be blowing cold air. This will be a little inefficient, but I doubt the temp will get down that low often. Is the boiler cast iron? Does it use gas or oil? The average oil boiler will heat up within minutes anyhow. The blower will start circulating the air and the heat will follow.
    I don't think you will be able to talk on the network to be able to stop the blower. However you could use a conventional stat and just break the green wire with an aqua stat.

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