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    Please help completing heat loss and gain certification form

    Dear all,
    I'm trying to complete the form as required by the county. I already purchased the software to do the heat loss and gain calculation. However, I'm having problem completing the portion where they ask for Heating and Cooling Equipment Data . I have the specification for the equipment but don't know how to fit them in the form. Please help fill in fields 3F,G,H and 4D,E,F, in red xxx
    3. Heating Equipment Data :

    A. Manufacture : Goodman
    E. Air Handler Model No. AUPTC1830
    F. Fuel Type : Electric Heat strip: 31.4 Btuh
    G. Heat Pump Output @ 0o - 10o: XXX Btuh
    H. Actual Fan CFM XXX @ 0.5 ESP

    4. Cooling Equiptment Data:

    A. Manufacture: Goodman
    C. Heat Pump Model No. : GSZ13024B
    D. Total Capacity @ Evaporator: XXX Btuh
    E. Sensible Capacity (equiptment) XXX Btuh
    F. Actual Fan CFM: XXX @0.5 ESP

    The form from the county is here

    Spec for Air handler
    Spec for the Heat Pump

    Thank you very much for your help.

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    Page 21 at does not list the variable speed air handler matchup for AVPTC1830 to the condensing unit GSZ13024B (GSZ130241B?)

    Easy to see why you are having trouble. This is a pro job. It is a lot easier on paper because you can mark it up and make notes on paper to keep your thinking clear.

    The expanded cooling data for the GSZ130241B pages 6 and 7 likewise lists no matchup to the air handler AVPTC1830.

    Expanded heating data is on page 18 for GSZ130241A. lists no matchup to the air handler AVPTC1830.

    You could take the numbers from those pages and use them. The worst that they can do is reject the form, but I doubt that they do anything other than file it. (government work, you know.)

    For the fan setting use B (840 high stage) on page 5 of the air handler specs.
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    Thank you very much for your reply.
    I understand that only the fan speed affect other calculations on the form (i.e. duct size). I'll try my best to complete the form.

    Best regard,

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