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    Compare various heatpumps

    I am in the process to replace a 1.5t heatpump from Rheem and have offers from


    The doc the people gave me are all general brochures and are not worth the paper they printed on.
    All la,la from the marketing guys.
    I am looking for the best system for our money ,since this is quite a chunk of money we have to shell out.
    Of course I compare apples with apples

    Where can I get some unbiased info concerning reliabity od these systems.
    I think I found a decent installer ,who knows his bussiness.
    When he came by he checked the old system and tried to find the problem.
    He added some freon to it and get some better output.
    All the other "salesmen" gave us a standard quote or only some figures ,which they got out their IPAD apps or spread sheet.
    I also checked on the web and could mostly find biased information or ratings from various companies.

    From Maryland Eastern Shore

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    compare warranties
    make sure ther not the ''builder grade'' models
    reliability, when installed propery the one's you have chosen are =

    if in a salt air environment, the Trane is going to last a bit better, but not without proper maint.
    It's hard to stop a Trane. but I have made one helluva living keeping them going.

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