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I dont understand whe whole price thing, I am a auto mechanic and customers always want to know the price of things. They want to know the price of the part and the price of the labor, why is that so hard to understand. I dont understand the whole McDonald's thing, Like I said I run my own business and people always ask price of part and price of labor. Why can someone tell me where to find the price of these units. I feel like i am being made fun of here.....
Mr. easternman,

Thank you, this is a wonderful site and the information here is very valuable to those in the business.

Unfortunately the owners of this site set down rules that includes being too open with information regarding fixing things yourself (DIY) and the pricing of material and jobs. We allow the comparative pricing such as.. Vendor A's quote was 500.00 lower than Vendor B's. Pricing is OK as long as there is no reference point.

Why do we do this? Because of the varying costs of material and labor across the country can not be compared freely on the Internet. Being a business owner you also know that there is a price difference comparing apples to oranges. Some of the differences are job quality and workmanship. Not every shop has the same experience quality.

In short, it causes trouble for HVAC professionals and their clients. It just that simple.

You have rules in your shop, you control your shop. We also have rules here and we are in complete control. I would appreciate your cooperation during your stay here and thank you for visiting.

You may want to ask another professional in your town to give you estimates using the same equipment. Then come back here and use the comparative rule to get answers to your question. We would be happy to serve you then.

Thank you,

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