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    I have had two different HVAC contractors come to my house and quote me on installing a 9,000 btuh, cooling only Mitsubishi mini-split.

    This will be installed in a basement home theater. The inside unit will be installed at ceiling level putting it right at grade.

    One contractor wants to drill a hole through my slab for the drain and the other contractor wants to put in a condensate pump. I have a deep sink in the basement about 20 feet from this room and a pump there to drain this sink. I am not whether the condensate pump on the mini-split will pump into the deep sinks or directly outside the house. I failed to ask the contractor before he left. I do live in a cold climate, outside of Rochester, NY.

    My house has excellent drainage. In fact, I have a sub pump pit that has never had a pump in it and never even a drop of water. My high efficiency Lennox Pulse furnace has its drain going through the slab.

    What are the pluses and minuses about these two drain methods? Can a mini-split be drained directly outside? Are there other drain methods?

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    if draining it outside is feasible, by all means do it. one less part to break down.

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    No condinsate during the winter so why worry about it.

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    go outside if high enough or go into slab, pump as last resort. if sump pump pit has collector pipe around basement you could drill into that.

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