OKAY...changed all the solenoids, valves and previously the sensors. It's still tripping on 170 oil temp. It seems now that circuit will not back off. I think something is broken inside the slide valve. It is trying to back off the coil energizes and everything it just doesn't. The Serial # is U96J37008 and the model # is RTAA0804XH01A3D0BFK. All the fans are working and pulling normal amps, the UCM is responding normally it just seems to me that it is the slide valve. I worked it back and forth and saw the difference in pressure at the cavity schrader going from 60 to 200 psi and then to 150 then to 60 again. I tried to service pump down but it just ran and timed out. Third day on this. Is this slide valve something I should tackle, replace the compressor or call in the factory techs?