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    This is a my respond to Shaun's thread Didn't see a reply button.

    I think your installer has it backwards.. in my opnion..

    For basements, returns should be near the floor.. You would want to draw the cold air off the basment floor.. Cold air is heavy..

    as main floor, I like most of them high, and one larger one near the floor.

    With the higher return, it will pull the warm iar from the ceiling.. I see it helps recycles the warm air near the ceiling. and also helps pull away the heat in the summer.

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    thank you for the response

    yes.. what you said makes sense
    and that was what my contractor was suggesting too....
    "adding low returns in the basement to draw the cooler air"

    may be I typed incorrectly in my rush to type a long email describing the situation

    so.. i gez it does make sense to add it then...

    is this a project worth doing it by myself? - "cutting a hole in the wall" - sounds simple enough... or am I misjudging?

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    I closed the thread because the OP wanted directions to conduct the repairs himself. Do not let this thread go that direction, or I will close this one, too.

    General advice is okay, but we don't want step-by-step DIY directions.

    Thanks guys! Mod01.

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    If you are getting new equipement, it be best to let them do it... They'll have all the tools, and metal to do it right.

    it shouldn't cost that much more.

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