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    The Customer wants Hard Nipples.

    Quote Originally Posted by koldair View Post
    So let me get this straight… its 111* outside and your indoor temp comes up to 79* during the peak of the day that’s a 31* temperature difference!

    Just what exactly is the problem?
    Hey Kold,

    If they want to skin deer and hang the meat in their living room, so be it.

    Actually, this is not that unusual for Texans.

    In Fact, York Came out with a condenser that matches the camouflage motif of your Deer Stand, just for these customers.


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    I can't understand why people can't understand that we live in parameters. If we're outside the parameters.... supplement. Quit your whining and.... GET A WINDOW UNIT!!!

    At least, that's how us rednecks deal with it. Anyone need a a set of tires?

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