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    when your fan is whisling, push in the upper corners of your fan door, if that quiets the problem, call your installer

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    Is the noise noticeable on the first floor, or just at the heater in the basement.

    If it is Just at the heater in the basement, go upstairs and stop listing to it... sorry couldn't resist..

    The install instructions are very specific on this furnace and the combustion air, on page 33.

    As I said before I would have opted for the 2 pipe with a concentric vent kit.

    There is an air disc that must be installed [ shipped loose ]and a specified length of pipe and 90* elbow.

    Absolutely move the condenser or the vent termination, flue gas can be acidic and will ruin the paint, and if you saw the pic in the movie as york_hvac pointed out is a problem.

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