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Thread: New from NC

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    New from NC

    Found this great site after deciding to get into the HVAC field. After spending over half a decade in the IT field i have decided to go to trade school for some HVAC training. Office work isn't for everyone; spending day after day stowed up in a office building gets old after a while. A couple years ago i decided the same thing and took some welding classes but i live in the wrong area of the country for that; plus i don't like all those fumes you have to inhale all the time. So to make sure that this is what i want to do; I have went with my buddy on a couple of his side jobs and so far it doesn't seem so bad. So there you have it my reasoning for getting into HVAC. My questions to yall what is the best and worst parts of the bushiness?

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    I'm in the same boat doing a career change. Good luck

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    Welcome here Backwoods!

    Best parts: The good feeling that comes from solving problems and making people happy, good pay if you're a good tech, and many more.

    Worst parts: Prepare to be called at any and all hours of the day and night, weekends, holidays etc.., you will get burned, frozen, shocked, wet, etc.., You will work on heights, with energized and moving machinery and many other hazards.

    Be prepared to study your butt off for the rest of your life if you want to be at the top of the game.

    Good luck!

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    Welcome to the trade

    There is good and bad in any line of work.

    The good- Lots of work for those who apply themselves. The money isn't bad but will take a few years to get to a decent wage. Very rewarding being able to fix broken stuff. You will never stop learning.

    The bad- Sometimes too much work. "On call" will ruin your kids birthday party. Installers who have no idea the the system they just installed will one day need any service done to it or someone might need to change the filter that is behind the line set they just brazed in.

    There is much more than this. If you have the opportunity to work for someone while studying the trade, you will be way ahead. Do it if you can.
    Can someone please explain to me -
    Why is there never enough time to do it right the first time, but plenty of time to do it twice?

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    welcome what part of NC are you in. i took my hvac knowledge and got into the restaurant inhouse maintenance part of it. both have good and bad, good part esp. now is im not on a roof when its 100degrees outside.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marter View Post
    welcome what part of NC are you in.
    Triad area

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    Welcome to the site.
    HVAC/R is like any other trade, it has good points and bad points.

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    Welcome EH!
    With your IT knowledge your would do well in the control side of the job. Specially if you go commercial. As was stated good is solving problems if you like detective work this is the trade for you... bad...Upset customers (specially residential) and being on call.....
    good luck
    Never give up; Never surrender!

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    Bad parts : hot days usually working with no ac that's why you there to fix it lol
    Good parts : the pay Is usually above average, this job requires knowledge of a few trades to make it plumbing, electrical, controls(you should be fine with that IT guy mechanical and little bit of engineering. So if using your brain along with your hands is sthing you enjoy your Deffinetly in the right field.. My 2 cents

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