Carrier 58CTA - Performance 80 - WeatherMaker 8000TS

Hello Pros

I'm confused, and hope someone can clear this up. As far as I can tell these models are all the same furnace, right?

However, in some places Carrier's marketing states that this model has a 2 speed fan (which I believe is the blower) and in other cases that it is a mutli-speed blower. Which is it? Can anyone verify?

Here are examples of the conflicting info that I'm finding on the net:
Gentle, nearly continuous airflow is provided by our two-speed blower. Low-speed airflow is quieter and provides even, consistent temperatures throughout your home. 40% longer "on" cycles use 60% less electricity than standard, single-speed blowers.
Multi-speed blower ensures consistent airflow and temperature maintenance, helping to keep rooms more comfortable while improving air quality.

Maybe I'm just being too literal, but in my world, which has a dictionary in it, 2 is 2, and multi is several, which is MORE than 2.

So please! Which is it? A 2 speed blower, or a multi-speed blower? And if multi, how many?