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    was this the week you were planning to take out the old derated G12 in a rectory?


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    Yep, sorry no pix were available-too much "supervision" and the haulers showed up right away. They stuffed the 2 burner sections with steel wool and the info was wrong-it was a G8 and they derated to 2 out of 6 ports, and did nothing with the blower- all original. The caretaker who lived there had the thing going for 4 hours when we got there to R&R it, to warm up the place "real good"- sucker was hot. I don't know how they even slept with the noise from this unit. Return trunk and drop was 14 X 7 and supply plenum was less than 12" high, with 14X7 and 11X7 trunks only. The only info the caretaker had was that it was installed in the 80's- we found I&O manual on top of ducts. Amazing that it could last that long. What did you end up with on the G12?

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    Thanks for the information - nothing to report on the G12. Wondering if I could possibly recommend derating it as an inexpensive comfort improvement for the (probably short) remainder of its service life, but will have to wait until I see if the current temp rise is near the high or already the low end of the range.

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