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Thread: York & JCI

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    Wow, see this thread is still going. I heard a older song the other day that pretty fitting to me and for me. If you changed the lyrics from his line of work to mine. (lol, before everyone starts cracking on me, i'm serious! So Bite Me! :-)...)It was Hank Williams Jr song- Feelin' Better !!!

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    I remember that ad, it was around the time national accounts took off getting cvs.

    Feelin'Better is a great song, can fit everyones life with a few changes

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    First I will ask for your forgiveness for giving life to what is an old or inactive thread, but I feel that for my own mental health I need to get this out of my chest. Hopefully it will not be taken as hate or resentment but maybe heartbroken.

    I started at York Puerto Rico fresh out of HVAC school, my first real job. I found myself working within a superb team of service techs and a great service manager, he is a PA native that basically relocated to the island to start the York service office back in the day, and by his own stories was raised by York as he had family that work at York PA office before him, basically a York guy all his life. My father also worked at York PR before me, and I used to go to some jobs on saturdays when a kid with him as he was a manager and he liked to bring lunch to the guys that were busy at saturday overtime. I grew with an inmense pride and respect for the brand.

    Later as an employee, I was transmited that love for the brand from the guys (and gals) that worked there, as I grew and learned and went to York School in PA, I was given more and more responsibility and with time I started to work on bigger units, until I graduated from YCAZ, YCAJ, YCAS to YT, YS and later YK's, even got the chance to work on a CYK and the only York steam fired absorber on the Island. And no matter how big a problem we had, our manager always knew a guy in PA that bailed us out, I saw that as a great service mentality and of standing behind the product, people with pride that were not only doing the job for a paycheck, both in the Island AND in York PA. That relationship with the company lasted almost 13 years, then JCI happened.

    A company not know in the Island for how amazing they were, I can not tell you how many costumers when calling the office will ask if we sold baby Pampers or if we made pills or confused us with Johnson & Johnson just because we were not allowed to mention the York name when answering the phones!! How our service architecture was completely changed, or chain of command that took the company from selling only small tonnage equipment to have one of the largest big tonnage footprint on the Island was replaced by bean counters that did not knew what a window unit was or how it worked. How five of the most experienced service techs with more that 150 years of service between them were forced to retire. How product quality lost to profit, and costumer satisfaction was second to end of the month invoicing. How people who knew nothing about the product or the bussiness started making calls just because an Excel spreadsheet said so!! I could take it no more and left to McQuay.

    This has nothing to do with how much York was in debt, or how much the stock was priced at or nothing like that, it has more to do with how an employee would have stood behind the company and do the best he could to see it succeed and how good we felt working for it, and I was not the only one that felt that way, I am sure there are Trane or Carrier guys out there that feel the same way for their brand, giving each other hell, or entering the fight mode everytime we see each other vans out there, or saying such and such is a better unit, is just a reflection of that pride, now imagine that pride being stepped on. I still have good friends on that branch and the news that I get from them are bleaker with every passing day, now I am on a mission to give them hell, to help my current employer in every way I can to outsell and outservice JCI, they deserve no less.

    Sorry again for the dead horse beating, feel better now jeje


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    Quote Originally Posted by Fabregas1 View Post I am on a mission to give them hell, to help my current employer in every way I can to outsell and outservice JCI, they deserve no less....
    i am sorry that you had to go through that. as i tell my daughters, do not try to be better than anyone else, just be better than you were yesterday. all of that effort will feel be for nothing if they beat you on this or that job. just be better than you and let the other companies of the world come and go.
    Someday, I hope to be just as brave as Harry Stamper.

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    Better be careful Fabregas, You may be jcis next lawsuit,since that seems to be the only way they can stay in business is to sue their ex collective bargaining units.

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    I totally understand the frustration. I was in the same boat when I left (a little over a year ago), but it was the best decision I ever made. I'm back at a job that lets me do what I do best and not get in the way with office red tape and handheld devices made in 1997. If there is that much York equipment out there JCI will undoubtedly lose it to competitors and you will be back at your old jobs before you know it, that's how it's been for me at least.

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