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    I am considering calling my HVAC companay to give me an estimate on installing a humidifier on my furnace. Just thought I would try and educate myself before I have them come out.

    I am assuming they are installed on the supply side, are they piped using cold or hot water (does it matter).

    Are there different types? Is one better than the other?

    Is there any concern with mold in the ducts or around the humidifier?

    Thanks for all the help.

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    buy a table top model! they seem to work better!

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    I use Aprilaire on supply or return fed with hot water.

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    several different types. steam, flow through, drum and atomizing/misting.

    stay away fron the last two.

    steam is by far the more superior of the bunch and as well the most costly.

    flow through is the most common and can be either supply or return mounted.

    check here for more info

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    I have an older Aprilaire model 760 I think... Anyway, it has never given me any trouble. Mine is mounted on the supply side with hot water. One thing I would change is NOT getting a saddle valve for the water line to the hum. If you try to turn it off, it leaks, will probobly replace it with a standard valve soon. Aprilaires latest model, the 700 (aka, the 768) uses an outdoor temp. sensor to regulate the humidity inside your house, based on it's humidity AND the outdoor temperature. Prevents over or under humidification.

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