Love the site, especially how honest everyone seems to be!

Anyways my problem.... I need to replace my 12yr. old Heil (90%) gas furnace. My choices are 92% Trane two-stage,variable speed blower. Or a Kelvinator 92% single speed, single stage. The difference is $EDIT more for the Trane. I was told the DC blower and lower burner use on the Trane would save me considerable $ on my electric and gas bill. What do you guys think is my best option? I really like both of the installers but I am soooo confused????? Thanks again for the great info. Hope you can help with my dilemma!!! Are they really comparable furnaces??? I don't use AC, so some of the benefits of a variable speed blower are lost.

Both installers have good referrals. And have been in business a long time promoting these two brands. My Heil has only made it 12 yrs and I can't figure out if the more complex Trane would last, or should i just give up and realize that a furnace is only gonna last 10 yrs and go for the cheaper model? sooo confused........

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