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    How many of you are recommending a water treatment program to your residential customers with steam boilers? Also, are you recommending weekly blowdowns of the low water cutoff/ automatic feedwater assemblies?

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    Originally posted by tarz
    ....Also, are you recommending weekly blowdowns of the low water cutoff/ automatic feedwater assemblies?
    Blowdown frequency is probably set by the feedwater manufacturer as a MINIMUM period, if something more is advised due to heavy sediment or contamination then it probably won't hurt. But I do know adding lots of fresh water to a steam system could theoretically fail the boiler over time, since "new" fresh water has lots of oxygen in it just waiting to corrode the steel/cast iron boiler.

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    Thanks for the reply. This is why I ask. We all know that oxygen will eventually corrode the boiler as well as the piping. Commercial and industrial boilers are blown down often and usually the boiler water is treated. How many of you are recommending water treatment to your residential customers? Frequent blowdowns, ITT recommends once a week blowdowns of their residential low water cutoff assemblies. Obviously then more fresh water would be required which will lead to scale and oxygen issues. Most residential customers I've met do not treat their boiler or blow-it down, do yours? What are others recommending to their customers? Again, I'm talking steam here.

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    We recommemd blowing down once a week.

    Dry firing will do more harm then a gallion of fresh water every week.
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    Steam systems are open to the atmosphere anyway. Why would the O2 in the water be more of a problem than the O2 in the air that fills the system on every off cycle?
    If the system shows symptoms of needing clean-up then we recommend it. It's not a normal maintenance procedure though. I tell residential customers to blow down weekly and show them how to make sure the low-water cut-off is working. It's the first time they hear of it usually and they ask why the last guy didn't tell them. I don't have a good answer for that one.

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    Weekly blowdown of the #67 type lwco's and monthly opening of the drain cock for the systems with probe type cut offs to keep the wet side drain clear of mud. No chemical treatment recommended.

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