Hello all:
Thanks again for helping me all along and this site is awesome...

My contractor suggested adding low returns and making the high returns louvered in the basement to heat more evenly.
He also says the low returns will bring cooler air to the furnace and thereby helping it work better.

what he said about the basement seems to make sense - since the vents/Registers are located high and returns are high as well and the hot air coming out of the vents seems to be going straight through to the return across the room.

He also suggested the same thing for the main floor (adding louvered low returns) for the same reason. This would be an additional $XXX for the basement and $XXX for the main floor.

He also says its not that hard for me to do it - except that I'll need a power saw and be careful as to not cut the wires that may be behind the wall. What I'm wondering is if I make a cut in the wall directly beneath a return - is the duct work for the return usually run along the height of the wall - so adding a low return directly beneath a high return is straight forward.
should I attempt this project myself or would it make sense to give him the $XXX or $XXX. If I had to pick between the basement or main floor which would make more sense?

what do you all think? is this is a good idea?
thanks again in advance for any replies

EDIT: Please, no pricing or step-by-step questions. Thanks! Mod01.

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