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    I received a quote for a furnace and A/C install from a local AS dealer and the quote included the 2A7A3036 13 SEER A/C unit. When I look at the AS website, however, only the 12 and 14 are listed. Is this dealer trying to slip me a discontinued model or what?


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    well as for the Trane ...... it was a 2036 now its a 3036 no he's ok. they ran out of the old style XR12 2036 last month. Now instead its the XR13 3036 which is ready for the 2006 13 SEER minimum. the XR12 was a 12 SEER which the inside coil put it up to 13 now the outside does it too.

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    To get 13 SEER, it requires the new coil which at least around here, isn't out yet. I think with the older coils and a TXV kit it will get around 12.5 SEER.

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